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Are you ready to create impact & income?

I craft persuasive web copy that sells with integrity and showcases your expertise, based on your Human Design.

Let’s craft authentic web copy and marketing messages that highlights the gifts that only YOU can bring to the world.

My name is Eileen, founder of Rebelpreneur Marketing. I am a copywriter with a professional and an academic background in journalism and press relations. I combine my unique background to create conscious, but effective copy that builds trust with your audience. My secret sauce is compelling brand storytelling that makes your customers the heroes of your story, toppled with an extra spice of organic SEO traffic.


You have a message to convey, and I have the words to bring out your unique voice — in a clear, engaging way that remains true to your brand.

Investment starts at $1000

Who it’s for:
Conscious and ethical entrepreneurs, brands, and NGOs who are looking to build a strong web presence. Your business is a force for good in the world, and you are ready to let your marketing and copywriting be a whole new form of activism.

You understand the value of online marketing, and you are ready to rise above the noise of icky sales tactics, catapult your visibility, and send your vision powerfully out into the Digital Universe.

You have a message to convey, and I have the words to bring out your unique voice — in a clear, engaging way that is true to your mission.

Consider me your coffee-sipping sidekick in the world of online marketing, and let’s chat – book below for a non-binding call to discuss your needs fully. 

What’s included:
A 3-page website with home and about page, and either sales or a work-with-me page. 

Add-ons: Subscribe page + email sequence.

Single Page Copy

Do you already have killer copy that reflects your voice and your vision, but you need an extra addition such as a sales page for a specific project? I’ve got you, boo, and I’m ready to string together the right words that rally support for your value-driven organization or brand.

Investment starts at $700

Who it’s for:
Disruptors and create rebels who are ready to market and launch their services ethically and consciously. You are here to do good in the world. And when your audience takes action, you can elicit change together. 

Bro marketing and quick, cheap sales tactics undermine the trust of your audience and do nothing but spur on “exhaustionism”: exhaustion of the planet’s resources and people’s joy.

Instead, you want to rally support, build trust, and rise together with your community. Alongside your clients, you want to create change that is sustainable for the people and the planet. 

I will help you market yourself with powerful sales copy that highlights your work, vision, and strength without using shame, guilt, or manipulation. Let’s chat!

What’s included:
One page of web copy.

Add-ons: Subscribe page + email sequence.

Email Welcome Sequence & Sales Email

So someone signed up for your newsletter, but now what? Or maybe you’ve come up with a new program or product that you’re excited to introduce to your subscribers with an email sequence, but then you remember that you have to write the darn thing? Fear not. Let me whip out your very own little email sales machine.

Investment starts at $500

Who it’s for:
Purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs who want to craft love letters to their audience in the form of welcome sequences or sales sequences.

You want to make sure that your newsletters don’t get ignored by the overwhelming amount of other emails that land in your clients inboxes every day.

You’re not one of the big crowd of bro marketing-style businesses that churn out emails just to tease out more cash from them and nothing more.

Oh, no! You want to make sure that you provide value right from the get-go and build trust with your readers. When they see your emails, they know straight away that you’ve got their best interest at heart. 


What’s included:
I will help you set up an email sequence tailored to your specific needs. Not sure what you need? Then we’ll figure it out together.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Eileen helped us putting our brand into words and with getting our first PR article published in Norway. Couldn’t have asked for more, thank you Eileen!”

    – Georg Dalen, Fineshelf
  • “Eileen is a wonderful content writer with attention to detail and great communication skills.”

    – Waterlogic
  • “I’ve worked with Eileen for a while now, and the quality of the content she produces is fantastic. Eileen is always thorough in her research on topics I send over to her, and as a result, I rarely ask for changes.

    She’s highly dependable and provides content on time, as well as excellent working with an ongoing content plan. Eileen is our regular content writer, and I can thoroughly recommend her to any businesses in the Nordics and abroad.”

    – Paal Soberg, Think Commerce

How Does It Work?

1. Let’s have a chat and talk copy

Not sure what kind of copy you need? Do you have some ideas that you’d like to discuss? Let’s make sure we’re a good match by booking a chat below to talk allllllll things copy.

2. We’ll get together to find your very own copy magic

Now we’re ready to roll! After setting up the project, we’re going to put our heads together to make sure that I’ve got all that I need to send your voice powerfully out into the Digital Universe.

3. Go have some fun while I write your copy

Now it’s time for you to grab a coffee & chill, or you can celebrate with champagne & confetti  totally your call. I’ll call you back to earth when your plug-n-play web copy is ready.

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