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Are you ready to catapult your visibility and get more eyes on your business?

I help purpose-driven brands get in front of the right audience, while showcasing their expertise.

Make more impact & income with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Social Media Optimized (SMO) long-form blog posts, e-books, and opt-ins that are strategically published online to catapult your visibility and generates leads.

My secret sauce is compelling brand storytelling that makes your customers the heroes of your story, toppled with an extra spice of organic SEO traffic.

From Podcast to Posts

Investment starts at $555

Imagine if you could get your hands on well-written, engaging blog posts, e-books, newsletters, or social media posts that perfectly matched your voice and branding by snapping your fingers?

– Send me either transcripts of your podcast/live streams or audio files.

– Give me access to yummy photos or let me pick out some gorgeous stock photos.

– Decide if you want me to upload the finished articles to your blog or if you want to do it yourself.

And that’s it! I will edit, format, and re-write the transcripts into high-quality blog posts, social media posts, graphics for IG story and promo graphics, and newsletters. We can also create ebooks and guides out of your podcast or live streams. Sounds fun? Yeah, I think so too! Let’s go!

Bold Brand Blogging

Investment starts at $1111

I offer monthly blog packages with articles, newsletters, and social media posts that catapults your visibility + saves you precious time that you can spend on your clients instead:

– Find and pitch online publications for you.

– Align your marketing & content with your Human Design Type and Strategy.

– Catapult your visibility by optimizing your articles for SEO + SMO marketing.

– Funnel the articles to your email list or paid products.

– I can upload the content, format it, and insert pictures, so all you have to do is to approve them.

– Find very-cool-and-totally-not-dull stock photos if needed.

– You also get weekly newsletters, social media promo posts, photos, and graphics for social media to promote your article.

The articles will showcase your expertise, attract organic SEO, and position you as an expert in your field.

Opt-ins, Ebooks, & Reports

Investment starts at $499

Blog posts, white papers, and e-books will build your reputation, create more trust with potential clients, and secure your position as an expert in your field.

I will write, find stock images, and design the finished project for you.

If you’re not sure what you want to create, then we’ll get creative together.

How Does It Work?

1. Let’s have a chat and talk content

Not sure what kind of content you need? Do you have some ideas that you’d like to discuss? Let’s make sure we’re a good match by booking a chat below to talk allllllll things content.

2. We’ll get together to find your magic

Now we’re ready to roll! After setting up the project, you simply have to send me the information that I need to get started or let me know what you want me to research for you.

3. Go have some fun while I write for you

Now it’s time for you to grab a coffee & chill, or you can celebrate with champagne & confetti — totally your call. I’ll call you back to earth when your plug-n-play content is ready.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Eileen helped us putting our brand into words and with getting our first PR article published in Norway. Couldn’t have asked for more, thank you Eileen!”

    – Georg Dalen, Fineshelf
  • “Eileen is a wonderful content writer with attention to detail and great communication skills.”

    – Waterlogic
  • “I’ve worked with Eileen for a while now, and the quality of the content she produces is fantastic. Eileen is always thorough in her research on topics I send over to her, and as a result, I rarely ask for changes.

    She’s highly dependable and provides content on time, as well as excellent working with an ongoing content plan. Eileen is our regular content writer, and I can thoroughly recommend her to any businesses in the Nordics and abroad.”

    – Paal Soberg, Think Commerce

Work With Me

Are you ready to boost your visibility and generate more leads?

My name is Eileen, founder of Rebelpreneur Marketing. I am your coffee-sipping sidekick when it comes to online marketing. I love to woo with words! I string together words on my blog, I guest blog on other people’s blogs and I would love to write on YOUR blog. 

I am a copywriter with a professional and an academic background in journalism and press relations. My unique combination of skills enables me to break down complex topics for you and transform them into compelling storytelling that hooks your audience and makes them read all the way to the end – thoroughly researched and with accurate information.

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