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Let's do business for the people and the planet.

I help modern entrepreneurs find direction, craft authentic marketing messages that are in alignment with who they are, and create energetically sustainable businesses:

Ditch exhaustionism and show powerfully up for your people.

Exhaustinism is a combination of ego-driven bro marketing & the hustle culture that leads to burn-out, kills creative joy, and drains both the people and the planet for resources.

As a result, brands and entrepreneurs are exhausting themselves without getting the impact & income that they desire, as they’re struggling against a system that works against their magic.

You have gifts, strengths, and messages that only YOU can bring to the world, and we need your work.

By combining my knowledge of Human Design and years from marketing, I’ll give you the actionable, implementable steps you need to feel confident about marketing & running your business.

Let’s kick exhaustionism in the butt and do business for the people and the planet instead. See below to choose either a 3-month container or one-off reading.

curious about the benefits? read what HEATHER thought after her human design reading


“I was honored to get to do a human design reading with Eileen and she took me through the process of just understanding how to use my human design to my advantage.

It was so helpful to learn how certain things can make such a difference in the way I’m designed to operate in the world!

I loved how knowledgeable she was and she really delivered the information so beautifully!

Thank you Eileen for your genius and for sharing your amazing wisdom!!

If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!

Human Design Marketing & Business Analysis

You'll get a 60-90 minute reading focusing on how to market and run your business in an energetically sustainable way, align to your greater purpose, find your ideal client, craft sales messages and offers that are unique to your gifts, and unlock prosperity.

Investment starts at only $222 per reading

Who it’s for: 

My readings are perfect for modern entrepreneurs who’s had enough of hustling and cookie-cutter strategies. You are way too amazing to fit into a box, so let’s embrace your unique Design instead!

This is a really powerful and easy way to discover your strength and your energetic blueprint, uncover what you are really freaking talented at in your business, and learn how to market by design.

You are fed up with cookie-cutter strategies and bro marketing, and you want to peel back the layers and show up for your community as your authentic self – while having a lot of fun doing it!

What’s included:
You send me your details in the link below, and I will record your reading and send it to you along with written notes.

You do NOT need any prior knowledge.

read what erin thought after her human design reading


“Having the opportunity to discuss my Human Design chart through Eileen’s unique perspective of marketing my coaching work gave me an eye opening shift of perspective and a great boost of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. 

Although I had been casually learning about HD for several months before, this was the first time I had someone who is knowledgeable about Human Design frame it for me in such a way that I can really see how to use my natural strengths to attract my ideal clients and clearly speak to their desires. 

In addition to the value of her work, Eileen also showed a great energy of support, enthusiasm and belief in me and my work that made the whole experience very motivating and inspiring. 

A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others from a place of my own natural flowing rhythm. Thank you!!”

How Does It Work?

1. Book Your Package

Choose your option and send me an email or book a discovery call to let me know what you need.

2. Gimmie the Details

I will ask for the information that I need to read your Human Design chart during our call or via the emails.

3. Let the Fun Begin

I will dig deep into your chart, and then we can let the fun begin when you show up to your first session!

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